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NeuroSpin platforms

Published on 12 October 2017

Directed by Jean-Robert Deverre, NeuroSpin's research platforms include 11,000 m2 of laboratories, offices, technical laboratories and conference facilities. They are equipped to acquire and analyze imaging data in the context of biomedical research protocols (in healthy volunteers or patients, children or adults). These platforms are complemented by resources and laboratories in electronics, mechanics, chemistry, and histology.

NeuroSpin platforms have personnel, premises and authorizations for preclinical imaging and biomedical research in healthy or sick, minor or major volunteers.

The studies are carried out in strict compliance with the regulations in force in France and in the European Union.

NeuroSpin platforms are certified IBiSA.

​Imaging systems of NeuroSpin


For pre-clinical imaging:

  • 1 MRI scanner at 7 Tesla (Bruker Pharmascan)
  • 1 MRI scanner at 11.7 Tesla (Bruker)
  • 1 MRI scanner with 17,2 Tesla unique in the world (Bruker)


For humans examinations under biomedical research protocols:

  • 1 scanner IRM 3 Tesla (Siemens Trio TIM)
  • 1 scanner IRM 7 Tesla, the only system in operation in France (Siemens TIM)
  • 1 MRI scanner 11.7 Tesla (ISEULT project) first images planned for 2019
  • 1 magnetoencephalography (MEG) system with 306 channels (Neuromag / Elekta)
  • Several electroencephalographic devices (EEG) (Electrical Geodesics and BrainAmp).

Each imager is directed by the Magnetic Resonance and Spectroscopy Unit at NeuroSpin.

​Platforms cells

Platforms include operational cells. These cells rely on the expertises present in the Units of NeuroSpin and are therefore linked to them.





  • Biomedical Imaging Cell
  • Biomedical Research Administration Cell
  • ​Stimulation Cell
  • Peripheral MRI and Mechanical Electronics Cell
  • Histology and Chemistry Cell
  • + 3 preclinical imaging Cells
  • + 3 clinical imaging Cells
  • ​SI Infrastructure and Basic Software Cell
  • Development Cell
  • Data Analysis Cell