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Mammalian Epigenomics Laboratory


Published on 3 January 2022
Accurate control of genome expression is crucial for proper cell functioning. Our team is investigating how the epigenetic regulation of gene expression is altered in the brain during aging and Alzheimer’s disease, with the aim of identifying novel strategies for the treatment of cognitive impairment.

Team Leader

Matthieu GERARD
+33 1 69 08 94 29
Mammalian Epigenomics (Matthieu GÉRARD)


Our team is expert in the study of the mechanisms that regulate gene expression and access of the transcription machinery to the genome in its physiological chromatin environment (e.g. Houlard et al., 2006, PMID: 17083276; Chantalat et al., 2011, PMID: 21803857; Carrière et al., 2012, PMID: 21911356; Montellier et al., 2013, PMID: 23884607). The basic unit of chromatin, the nucleosome, is composed of 147 base pairs of DNA tightly wrapped around a core of eight histone proteins. Nucleosomal organization represents a strong physical barrier that prevents binding of most transcription factors to DNA. ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling factors (also called remodelers) are enzymes that control the density and positioning of nucleosomes on the genome. A major predicted function of these enzymes is to regulate access of the transcription machinery to the genome by generating (or suppressing) open chromatin regions at specific locations. 

​Human resources

Matthieu GÉRARD, Researcher Emilie DROUINEAU, Research Engineer
Hélène PICAUD, Technician
Anida MESIHOVIC, Post doctoral fellow
Marina NOCENTE, PhD Student

RNA interference platform (PARi)

 (is part of the lab)

Scientific management
Matthieu GÉRARD (Researcher, CEA)
Operational management
Guillaume PINNA (Researcher, CEA)
Gueorgui KRATASSIOUK (Research Ingeneer, CNRS)
Marie VANDAMME (Technician, CEA)
Nadya MOROZOVA (Research Ingeneer, CNRS)

​Gene targeting and animal facility

Patrick HERY, Technician, Platform manager
+33 1 69 08 94 32

Anne-Sophie CHAPLAULT, Technician
+33 1 69 08 80 18

Sylvain THESSIER, Technician
+33 1 69 08 80 18

Jean-Charles ROBILLARD, Technician
+33 1 69 08 54 78