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Clinical MRI methodological team


​​Team Leader: Alexandre Vignaud​

Published on 28 November 2017

​Team Leader: Alexandre Vignaud​

- Alexis Amadon
- Nicolas Boulant
- Cécile Lerman
- Cyril Poupon

Summer 2016, NeuroSpin should be equipped with the more powerful clinical MRI ever built. It will run an 11.7 Tesla magnet, 250000 times stronger than the Earth magnetic field. It will rise huge opportunities for clinical and neuroscientific researches but it will also come with significant challenges to overwhelm.

Clinical MRI methodological team (METRIC), UNIRS laboratory subdivision, target to improve MRI acquisition methods more specifically for ultra-high-field (UHF) MRI. The team consists into 5 tenure researchers. They own two assignments:

  • ​The first one is to manage NeuroSpin's platform MRI scanners and to make sure that they fits the requirements of the customers in term of image quality and security for the volunteers and the staff working around the systems. The team helps also medical collaborators to set up their MRI protocols to fit as well as possible their wishes and ambitions.
  • The second one, complementary to the first duty, is to develop new technical solutions to enhance MRI quality and security. This section can be split into 3 different themes:

    • ​Clinical and neuroscientific MR imaging @ UHF.
    • Parallel transmission MR imaging (pTx) @ UHF.
    • Diffusion weighted MR imaging.