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Transversal projects


This project is about developing new tracers for targeting neuroinflammation (Molecular Probes group), characterizing their properties in animal models (Experimental Imaging group), designing specific quantification methods (Biomedical Physics group), and investigating the clinical relevance (Clinical Applications group).

Project leader: Alexandra Winkeler

Published on 29 November 2017

The « neuroinflammation » project is focusing on the molecular imaging of neuroinflammation, in particular activated microglia, in order to follow neuroinflammation in different pathologies in space and time.

(left) Schematic display of radioisotopic imaging of activated microglia
(right) Neuroinflammatory lesion as imaged by PET


Neuroinflammation is investigated within the context of neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis), but also in glioma, addiction and drug exposure. Common efforts within IMIV will lead to the development and characterization of new or improved PET radioligands for neuroinflammation. We will further investigate and develop most appropriate quantification methods for image analysis of these radiotracers.

Improved knowledge concerning the role of neuroinflammation in glioma, neurodegenerative diseases, addiction and drug exposure are expected.

A large part of this project is funded by the European FP7 INMiND (2012-2017) project.