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Published on 28 June 2018

​​NeuroSpin, directed by Stanislas Dehaene, is a research centre for the innovation of brain imaging. Activities carried out includes biomedical imaging and diagnostic and therapeutic innovation.

At NeuroSpin Department, physicists, mathematicians and neuroscientists join forces to jointly develop tools and models that will enable a better understanding normal and pathological brain function, before or after treatment. Focused on neuroimaging, research concerns several topics :

  • ​Technological and methodological development (acquisition and processing of data),
  • Cognitive neuroscience,
  • Preclinical and clinical neuroscience.

NeuroSpin includes 5 Research Entities : MRI and Spectroscopy Unit (UNIRS) ; Analysis and Information Processing Unit (UNATI), Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit (UNICOG), a Mixed Research Unity (U992), belonging to CEA, Paris-Sud University and Inserm ; Translational and Applicative Neuroimaging Research Unit (UNIACT), belonging to UMR 1129 ; and Neurofunctional Imaging Group (GIN) in Bordeaux who is integrated in the Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases (UMR 5296, belonging to CNRS and Bordeaux University).

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To carry out their activities, researchers of NeuroSpin Department have access to platforms, certified IBiSA and part of the National Infrastructures in Biology and Health France Life Imaging (FLI) et NeurATRIS :

  • Clinical MRI 3T, 7T and soon 11,7T,
  • Preclinical MRI for small animals 7T, 11,7T et 17T,
  • EEG et MEG,
  • 3-photon imaging (soon).

These instruments are open to the national or international scientific community, to academics or industrials.

Do you want to submit your project to NeuroSpin ?



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Conscious machines: Robot rights Response
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