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Immunoanalysis Studies and Research Laboratory




Published on 27 June 2018
The laboratory (LERI) research activity is based on the production, characterization and use of antibodies for analytical or therapeutic purposes.

Team Leader
Stéphanie Simon
33 1 69 08 77 04

Human resources
​Hervé BOUTAL, Research Engineer
Julie DANO, Technician
Karine DEVILLIERS, Technician
Cécile FERAUDET-TARISSE, Researcher
Céline GOULARD-HUET, Researcher
Michel LEONETTI Researcher
Nathalie MOREL, Researcher
Marc PLAISANCE, Technician
Alexandra SAVATIER Technician
Stéphanie SIMON, Researcher
Hervé VOLLAND, Researcher
Anne WIJKHUISEN, Associate professor, Paris 7


The LERI’s work leads to technological applications, often enhanced by patenting (use of acetylcholinesterase in immunoassays), by the sale of reagents (mainly antibodies) and by technology transfer. This team manages all the technical aspects for developing immunoassays (ELISA assays, testing strips, Western blotting...), from the production of antibodies (polyclonal, monoclonal, recombinant) to the labeling of molecules (enzymes, fluorescent compounds...). It also ensures the validation of these assays in real application conditions and is able to take the development of an assay to a pre-industrial stage.

Today, its main areas of application are: toxins or pathogens detection (bacteria or viruses), the use of antibodies for new assays formats or new tools and the development of antibodies with neutralizing activity against toxins or pathogens.

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