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Laboratory | Stress response | Cancer


Oxidative Stress and Cancer Laboratory

Published on 18 October 2019


Team Leader

Oxidative Stresses and Cancer (Michel TOLEDANO)
Physiology and Pathogenicity of Stresses 
(Stéphane CHEDIN & Laurent KURAS)

Human resources
Michel TOLEDANO, Researcher
Agnès DELAUNAY-MOISAN, Researcher
Benoit D'AUTREAUX, Researcher
Gwenaelle LE PAVEC, Research Engineer
Asher RAJAN, Post doctoral fellow
Batoul SROUR, Post doctoral fellow
Sylvain GERVASON, PhD Student
Aurélie RACHET, PhD Student
Sergio RIUS, PhD Student visitor
Carl MANN, Researcher

Jean-Yves THURET, Researcher

Régis COURBEYRETTE, Technician
Valentin L'HOTE, PhD Student
Adèle MANGELINCK, PhD Student
Stéphane CHEDIN, Researcher
Laurent KURAS, Researcher
Jean-Christophe AUDE, Researcher
Hélène JEAN-JACQUES, Technician