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14C-labeling laboratory




Published on 17 November 2018
The focus of our research is the discovery of high throughput reactions, the development of new tools for bio-orthogonal chemistry (also known as "click") and the investigation of reliable methodologies for carbon-14 labeling of biologically active small molecules and relevant nanoparticles.

Our laboratory is member of the ISOTOPICS European consortium.

Team Leader
01 69 08 38 25

Human Resources
Davide Audisio, Team Leader
Frédéric Taran, Group Leader

Sophie Dézard, Researcher
Dominique Georgin, Researcher
Olivier Loreau, Researcher
Antoine Sallustrau
, Researcher
Margaux Riomet, PhD
Karine Porte, PhD
Malvika Sardana, PhD
Mélodie Ferrat, PhD
Alex Talbot, PhD
Antonio Del Vecchio, PhD
Gianluca Destro, PhD
Expédite Yen Pon, Postdoc
Minghao Feng, Postdoc
Kim Anh Nguyen, Postdoc

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- 8 November: Our latest paper on novel transformations with mesoionics is online on ACS Catalysis ! 
Congratulations to Elodie, Sabrina, Minghao, Karine and Margaux!

- 4 September : Our latest Chem Commun on turn-on sydnones has been accepted for publication! Congratulations to Elodie, Margaux and Antoine!

- 1 July : Check our first LMC logo!

- 6 June : Antonio and Gianluca  received the Journal of Labelled Compounds & Radiopharmaceuticals Award for Junior Scientists! Congratulations!!!

- 10 March :
Our Eur JOC on the synthesis of strained 8 membered rings for click chemistry is online! 

- 6 March 2018: Davide Audisio received the “Young Researcher in Medicinal Chemistry Award” provided by the French Medicinal Chemistry Society (SCT) and sponsored by Servier, during the "25th Young Research Fellows Meeting" in Orléans. Congratulations!!!

“Young Researcher in Medicinal Chemistry Award 2018” © S. Papot

- 1 March 2018: Eloïse Colson (Master 2 student) and Alex Talbot (Master 2 student) joined the group.
Welcome among us!

- 7 Dec. 2017: Minghao Feng is awarded a Enhanced Eurotalents Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations!

- 4 Dec. 2017: Some fun after the group picture!

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