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See a tumor in PET imaging by « click-chemistry » in vivo

​A new PET imaging method by antibody pretargeting was developed at SHFJ, in collaboration with teams of SCBM and SPI. It consists in reacting in vivo a molecule labeled with 18Fluor with an antibody previously fixed on a tumor and this, in an extremely fast and selective manner, thanks to a « click-chemistry » reaction. The very good results obtained allow to consider the use of pre-targeted antibodies in nuclear medicine.

Published on 3 September 2019


We report the first pretargeting in vivo study using the Strain-Promoted Sydnone–Alkyne Cycloaadition (SPSAC) reaction. The injection of a fluorine-18 labeled cyclooctyne three days after cetuximab bearing chlorosydnone moieties allowed a significant detection of the tumor by PET imaging suggesting an efficient click reaction inside the tumoral site. With a kinetic constant superior to 300 M−1 s−1, the SPSAC reaction might be an interesting tool, in addition to tetrazine-cyclooctene ligation, for in vivo chemistry.

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