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Laboratory for Methodological Developments in PET


Published on 3 January 2022


Team Leader
Louisa BARRÉ 

The Laboratory for Methodological Developments in Positron Emission Tomography (LDM-TEP) is a structure based within the UMR 6301 CNRS-CEA-UCBN « Imaging and Therapeutical Strategies in Cerebral and Tumoral pathologies » (ISTCT), managed by Myriam Bernaudin and is located at Cyceron, a biomedical imaging platform in Caen (France).

LDM-TEP, managed by Louisa Barré, is a unique structure whose primary mission is research at the interface between chemistry and radiochemistry and biology to exploit and enlarge the scope of PET imaging. LDM-TEP focuses on the development of radiopharmaceuticals biomarkers for preclinical and clinical research.

Armored cells equipped with remote controlled synthesis PLCs - @P.Stroppa/CEA
Development of the synthesis of marking precursors which will be used later for the development of new radiotracers - @P.Stroppa/CEA
PET / CT Clinical Camera PET / CT GE RX VCT 64 - © LDM-TEP CEA

Three undernoted themes

  • Innovative radiochemical approaches that involve positron emitters (sultones strategy, vectorisation of molecules,...) ;
  • The development and study of novel radiotracers as potential radiopharmaceutical agents (NR2B NMDA receptors, opiates receptors, lymphoma or apoptosis) ;
  • The introduction of clinical radiotracers for the benefit of the varied users within the GIP Cyceron (FLT, FMISO, AV-45,...).

For each of these three themes and, above all the latter, our team masters the disciplines of organic and analytical chemistry as well as radiochemistry and radiopharmacy. Our varied competences in the above fields allows (after automation), the transfer of radiopharmaceuticals to internal and external structures. The valorisation and application of our specificities in these areas allows the rapid clinical evaluation of promising radiopharmaceuticals.



Louisa Barré (CEA) HDR, Team Leader
Danielle Debruyne (UCBN) HDR
Fabienne Gourand (CEA)
Michel Leporrier (UCBN) HDR
Cécile Perrio (CNRS) HDR
Franck Sobrio (CEA) HDR

​ Students, Post-docs

Anne-Elodie Lafargue(Bourse MESR, 2013-2016)
Marine Morlot (Bourse CRBN, 2014-2017)
Damien Cressier (Post-doctorat)
Gloria Zedda (Post-doctorat)
Sébastien Schmitt (Post-doctorat)

​ Technical staff

Vincent Beaudouin (CEA)
Jérôme Delamare (CEA)
Martine Dhilly (CEA)
Stéphane Guillouet (CNRS)
Narinée Hovhannisyan (CDD Labex IRON)
Méziane Ibazizene (UCBN)
Sandrine Lehuan (UCBN)
Olivier Tirel (CEA)


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