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High-Throughput screening

Published on 28 November 2017
This unique platform based in SCBM combines the equipment necessary for the realization of biological high throughput screening and preparation of targeted compound libraries.

Jean-Christophe CINTRAT
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The screening platform of small molecules SCBM's mission is to identify compounds capable of modulating a biological function. These automated screenings are carried out either on an identified target (eg enzyme) is a whole cell (the target is identified or not). To identify active compounds different reporter systems can be used as the reading absorbance, fluorescence or radioactivity. These screenings are carried out in collaboration with teams of biologists who own testing, we bring our chemical library free of rights, our expertise in screening and optimization of biological activity of hits and finally search target by approaches to target fishing. All the approaches being involved and identify biologically active molecules and fit into a so-called comprehensive approach to chemical biology.

The platform of CEA/Saclay works close ties with the platform of the CEA/Grenoble in the Combinatorial Chemistry Group, Screening Cellular and Chemogenomics G5C, the whole being labeled IBiSA and is open to external teams (academic and industrial).This opening and the diversity offered reporter systems allows for screening on different therapeutic targets from the search for new anticancer new antibiotics through the identification of new toxin antidotes.




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© L.Godart / CEA