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Laboratory biosafety level 3


Published on 28 November 2017
L3 is a laboratory attached to SPI/LERI.

Stephanie Simon


F. Rhodes © CEA
F. Rhodes © CEA

Laboratory biosafety level 3 is located next to the building that hosts the SPI. It is attached to one of its laboratories, the LERI and Stephanie Simon is responsible.

The microbiological high security level 3 laboratory is a facility designed to protect the experimenter and the environment from risks arising from the handling of hazardous biological products, such as prions, bacteria, viruses, toxins level 3.

F. Rhodes © CEA













F. Rhodes © CEA 

This laboratory is one of the most visited facilities on the Saclay.

​The existence of the L3 laboratory in the LERI can work on a wide variety of pathogens in various areas, including in particular the biological risk in the NRBC program carried by the CEA (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical).

The LERI develops various immunological rapid diagnostic tests (prion diseases, toxins) but also environmental detection of Class 3 pathogens (Bacillus anthracis, Yersinia pestis ...).

R. Courbeyrette © CEA