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Energy transduction, electron transfer and oxidative stress

Published on 27 November 2017
The main interest of this group concerns the structure and physico-chemical properties of membrane proteins involved in the primary phase of light energy conversion, both in photosynthesis and, more recently, in human vision.

Team Leader
Bruno Robert





Of particular interest are the pigment molecules bound by these proteins, which constitute their active-site cofactors. Light is a vital ingredient for life, but at the same time an excess of light energy (in terms of light intensity or quality) can be a source of stress for living cells. Our research concerns the collection and perception of light, as well as the process(es) of photoprotection. It is centered around several principal areas : 

  • Assembly and structure of membrane antenna proteins from purple bacteria
  • Structure and regulation of antenna proteins in chloroplasts
  • Cyanobacterial antenna.