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The social brain

Du 15/03/2021 au 15/03/2021

Philipp KANSKE (Department of Psychology, University of Dresden) will give a talk on Zoom on March 15th.


Invited by: Josselin Houenou

Short abstract:

The social brain: Interacting networks enabling the understanding of others Social interaction and cooperation constitute key ingredients of human accomplishments, from raising a child in a family to developing democratic societies and even coordinating interplanetary spaceflight. Interpersonal actions thus bear significant consequences at both micro- and macro-levels of societal functioning. Such complex social behavior requires dynamic, flexible and yet controlled processes that represent others' overt behavior as well as their internal, mental states, including the motives, desires and beliefs that drive their actions. Such "understanding of others' minds" has been mainly investigated under the terms of empathy and Theory of Mind. Social neuroscience research over the last decades has focused on identifying and isolating these different socio-affective and -cognitive functions. In this talk I will present recent evidence that these processes might be largely interactive. For instance, we see co-activation in more complex social situations and inter-network connectivity.

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