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Publications du SBIGeM antérieures à 2019

Publié le 15 janvier 2019

The eukaryotic bell-shaped temporal rate of DNA replication origin firing emanates from a balance between origin activation and passivation
Arbona JM., Golder A., Hyrien O., Arneodo A. and Audit B.
A mating-type mutagenesis screen identifies a zinc-finger protein required for specific DNA excision events in Paramecium
Bhullar S., Denby Wilkes C., Arnaiz O., Nowacki M., Sperling L. and Meyer E.
Structural basis for partition of the cyclodipeptide synthases into two subfamilies
Bourgeois G., Seguin J., Babin M., Belin P., Moutiez M., Mechulam Y., Gondry M. and Schmitt E.
Molecular genetics of the transcription factor GLIS3 identifies its dual function in beta cells and neurons
Calderari S., Ria M., Gerard C., Nogueira T. C., Villate O., Collins S. C., Neil H., Gervasi N., Hue C., Suarez-Zamorano N., Prado C., Cnop M., Bihoreau M. T., Kaisaki P. J., Cazier J. B., Julier C., Lathrop M., Werner M., Eizirik D. L. and Gauguier D.
Guidelines and recommendations on yeast cell death nomenclature
Carmona-Gutierrez D., Bauer M. A., Zimmermann A., Aguilera A., Austriaco N., Ayscough K., Balzan R., Bar-Nun S., Barrientos A., Belenky P., Blondel M., Braun R. J., Breitenbach M., Burhans W. C., Buttner S., Cavalieri D., Chang M., Cooper K. F., Corte-Real M., Costa V., Cullin C., Dawes I., Dengjel J., Dickman M. B., Eisenberg T., Fahrenkrog B., Fasel N., Frohlich K. U., Gargouri A., Giannattasio S., Goffrini P., Gourlay C. W., Grant C. M., Greenwood M. T., Guaragnella N., Heger T., Heinisch J., Herker E., Herrmann J. M., Hofer S., Jimenez-Ruiz A., Jungwirth H., Kainz K., Kontoyiannis D. P., Ludovico P., Manon S., Martegani E., Mazzoni C., Megeney L. A., Meisinger C., Nielsen J., Nystrom T., Osiewacz H. D., Outeiro T. F., Park H. O., Pendl T., Petranovic D., Picot S., Polcic P., Powers T., Ramsdale M., Rinnerthaler M., Rockenfeller P., Ruckenstuhl C., Schaffrath R., Segovia M., Severin F. F., Sharon A., Sigrist S. J., Sommer-Ruck C., Sousa M. J., Thevelein J. M., Thevissen K., Titorenko V., Toledano M. B., Tuite M., Vogtle F. N., Westermann B., Winderickx J., Wissing S., Wolfl S., Zhang Z. J., Zhao R. Y., Zhou B., Galluzzi L., Kroemer G. and Madeo F.
A Comprehensive Overview of the Cyclodipeptide Synthase Family Enriched with the Characterization of 32 New Enzymes
Gondry M., Jacques I. B., Thai R., Babin M., Canu N., Seguin J., Belin P., Pernodet J. L. and Moutiez M.
Importance of Post-translational Modifications in the Interaction of Proteins with Mineral Surfaces: The Case of Arginine Methylation and Silica surfaces
Marichal L., Renault J. P., Chedin S., Lagniel G., Klein G., Aude J. C., Tellier-Lebegue C., Armengaud J., Pin S., Labarre J. and Boulard Y.
Mechanistic View and Genetic Control of DNA Recombination during Meiosis
Marsolier-Kergoat M. C., Khan M. M., Schott J., Zhu X. and Llorente B.
Nrf2-activated expression of sulfiredoxin contributes to urethane-induced lung tumorigenesis
Mishra M., Jiang H., Chawsheen H. A., Gerard M., Toledano M. B. and Wei Q.
Parsing protein sulfinic acid switches
Rahuel-Clermont S. and Toledano M. B.
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