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Publications du SCBM antérieures à 2019

Publié le 15 janvier 2019

Functionalization of Bambusurils by a Thiol-Ene Click Reaction and a Facile Method for the Preparation of Anion-Free Bambus[6]urils
Azazna D., Lafosse M., Rivollier J., Wang J., Cheikh I. B., Meyer M., Thuery P., Dognon J. P., Huber G. and Heck M. P.
Mode of PEG Coverage on Carbon Nanotubes Affects Binding of Innate Immune Protein C1q
Belime A., Gravel E., Brenet S., Ancelet S., Caneiro C., Hou Y., Thielens N., Doris E. and Ling W. L.
Recognition protein C1q of innate immunity agglutinates nanodiamonds without activating complement
Belime A., Thielens N. M., Gravel E., Frachet P., Ancelet S., Tacnet P., Caneiro C., Chuprin J., Gaboriaud C., Schoehn G., Doris E. and Ling W. L.
A Practical Synthesis of Valuable Strained Eight-Membered-Ring Derivatives for Click Chemistry
Bernard S., Kumar R. A., Porte K., Thuery P., Taran F. and Audisio D.
Antiviral Effects of ABMA against Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 In Vitro and In Vivo
Dai W., Wu Y., Bi J., Wang S., Li F., Kong W., Barbier J., Cintrat J. C., Gao F., Gillet D., Su W. and Jiang C.
Combination of Aryl Diselenides/Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbon-Nanotube/Rhodium Nanohybrids for Naphthol Oxidation: An Efficient Route towards Trypanocidal Quinones
de Carvalho R. L., Jardim G. A. M., Santos A. C. C., Araujo M. H., Oliveira W. X. C., Bombaca A. C. S., Menna-Barreto R. F. S., Gopi E., Gravel E., Doris E. and da Silva Junior E. N.
Copper-Catalyzed Aza-Iminosydnone-Alkyne Cycloaddition Reaction Discovered by Screening
Decuypere Elodie, Bernard Sabrina, Feng Minghao, Porte Karine, Riomet Margaux, Thuéry Pierre, Audisio Davide and Taran Frédéric
Sydnone-coumarins as clickable turn-on fluorescent sensors for molecular imaging
Decuypere E., Riomet M., Sallustrau A., Bregant S., Thai R., Pieters G., Clavier G., Audisio D. and Taran F.
Late-stage isotopic carbon labeling of pharmaceutically relevant cyclic ureas directly from CO2
Del Vecchio A., Caille F., Chevalier A., Loreau O., Horkka K., Halldin C., Schou M., Camus N., Kessler P., Kuhnast B., Taran F. and Audisio D.
Recent Developments in Heterocycles Labeling with Carbon Isotopes
Del Vecchio A., Destro G., Taran F. and Audisio D.
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