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Laboratoire | Imagerie cellulaire et moléculaire

Molecular Imaging and Delivery of Active Substances


​Team Leader: Sébastien Mériaux

Publié le 26 juin 2023

MEFISTO project: Targeted biological nano-magnets for theranostic

STROMAD project: Tumor-microenvironment interactions in diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas

SIGMA project: Adaptive and maladaptive response to stress: a longitudinal brain imaging characterization with molecular correlates

MRgFUS project: Develop new preclinical tools based on transcranial ultrasound applied under MRI guidance to deliver drugs to the brain and to non-invasively stimulate neural circuits

Other international collaborators:

3BOPUS project:

FUSETAD project:

TROPICA project: ​Tracking of brain-transplanted stem cells by in vivo molecular imaging

Other French collaborators:

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