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NeuroPhysics Team


​Presentatio​n of the NeuroPhysics team.​

Publié le 26 juin 2023

Team Leader: Dr. Luisa Ciobanu

Permanent staff:
- Dr. Denis Le Bihan, 
- Dr.  Tomokazu Tsurugizawa

PhD students:
- Gabrielle Fournet,
- Van Khieu Nguyen,
- Guillaume Radecki

Research in our team focuses on the development of new techniques for magnetic resonance imaging at high and ultra-high magnetic fields and on the application of these and other advanced methods (numerical simulations, electrophysiology, etc) to the understanding of the fundamental physical principles underlying brain function. 

5 projects:


  • Neuronal mechanisms of a complex behavior in Aplysia 
  • Study the effect of anesthetic agents on brain blood oxygenation
  • Cerebral perfusion measurements at UHF 
  • Computational imaging of the aging cerebral microvasculature (Franco-American collaboration) 
  • Diffusion functional MRI: direct approach to detect the brain function​