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Chemical biology laboratory (LBC)

​Chemical biology aims at using chemical tools and reactions to study biological mechanisms and create or identify new chemical molecules with diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

Published on 11 February 2022
Lab Leader
+33 (0)1 69 08 75 77



Julien Barbier, CEA Researcher, Team leader
Sarah Bregant, CEA Researcher
Laurent Devel, CEA Researcher, Team leader
Daniel Gillet, CEA Researcher, Lab leader
Fabrice Beau, CEA Engineer
Melissa De Souza, CEA technician
Carole Malgorn, CEA technician
Sylvain Pichard, CEA technician
Pierre Couvineau, Postdoctoral fellow
Annabelle Bonino, PhD student
Lucie Caramelle, PhD student
Adrien Le Rouzic, PhD student
Anna Porcher, Engineer, fixed-term contract
Alice Saunier, Engineer, fixed-term contract
Clémence Veith, Engineer, fixed-term contract
Régis William Tohon, Technician, fixed-term contract