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GAIA laboratory

​GAIA laboratory develops new computer vision systems dedicated to the modeling of the inter-subject variability of complex brain phenotypes, is the algorithmic forefront of the exploitation of high field MRI, designs dedicated artificial intelligence methods and software environments to exploit brain phenotypes in a variety of contexts (biomarker research, genetics, cognitive neuroscience, etc). 

Published on 8 June 2023

​Director: Jean-François Mangin

GAIA laboratory comprises 4 teams:

  • ARCHITECTURE team, directed by Denis Rivière, develops innovative methods to decipher the cortical folding pattern and perform automatic sulcus recognition, based on the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to infer dictionaries of tractable local polymorphisms supposed to provide a good proxy to the architectural segregation of populations.
  • SIGNATURE team, directed by Edouard Duchesnay, develops cutting-edge machine learning and statistical models to uncover neural signatures that can stratify psychiatric disorders in the frame of large-scale national and European initiatives.
  • BRAINOMICS team, directed by Vincent Frouin, develops innovative analysis methods to integrate brain imaging with genomics data, often combined to clinical or environmental data to determine how brain phenotypes variability originates in genetic and environmental variabilities.
  • GINKGO team, directed by Cyril Poupon, develops innovative methods to map the brain structural connectome, cortex cytoarchitectony and myeloarchitectony at the individual scale, from animals to humans using ultra-high field and extreme field MRI.